Need help with personal care?

Need help with personal care?

Compansionship, Community & Social Support

Sometimes, health events and conditions can limit your ability to get out and about in your community but we can give you a hand to do the things you enjoy, whatever they are.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes having connections and relationships with other people, and participating in community life. Whether it’s to visit the shops, meet a friend at a cafe or join in community classes, workshops or school, a sense of belonging and shared experiences improves your overall quality of life.

Our social support services include:

  • Accompanied shopping, bill paying, banking
  • Transport to social activities such as your local club or your local markets
  • Having a home visit from one of our workers to talk or share interests such as music, gardening, world events

Personal Care

Starting your day feeling refreshed and confident boosts your sense of well-being. Our personal care support at home helps you feel confident about your personal hygiene and grooming.

Taking a shower, getting dressed or undressed and using the bathroom are things most people take for granted but they can be more difficult as we get older or after an illness.

You decide how much or how little care and support you need. Personal care services are by their nature very personal, and nothing is more important than your comfort and security.

Need a break with a DUO Support Worker helping you at home?

Need a break with a DUO Support Worker helping you at home?

Respite for Carers

We know how important it is for you and the person you care for to take a short break from everyday life.

We provide these services in your home where we run after school and holiday care, overnight and weekend short breaks.

Behaviour Management

Our people are trained to assist in developing and implementing positive behaviour support.

One-on-one consultations will explore contributing factors, progress and barriers, and strategies to overcome these challenges.