About DUO Services

DUO is a leading provider of personal, home and community support services in and around Canberra.

We're here to support people to live how and where they choose through innovative solutions for independent living.

Our Aged Care Packages offer flexible services provided by qualified support workers at home or within the community to expand the independence and quality of life of ageing people, and their families and carers.

Services For Children & Young People:

Help your child build their skills and confidence with meaningful, fun activities.   We find out who your child is and tailor a support plan.   Then we choose the right support worker for your child's unique needs. You can trust that your support worker will engage and connect with your child.

Services For People With A Disability:

Your disability shouldn't stop you living a full and independent life.   We'll listen to you to find out what you can do for yourself, and where you need some assistance to meet your goals.   All our Support Workers are chosen because they want to work with you, and share your interests and experiences.